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When a government continues to spend more than it earns, especially on freebies & subsidies with ulterior motives, the ruling party & its leaders are not fit to serve the people.

Both DMK & AIADMK governments in Tamil Nadu have, over the years, perfected the art of winning elections by giving away freebies & subsidies, under the guise of social welfare schemes. The mass majority of less-educated and impoverished public have been successfully seduced, and this ruse is bound to work well in the upcoming state elections.


While the TN government may argue its finances are not being abused and the state is among the better managed in India, the fact remains that its capital allocation smacks of gross incompetence and political gamesmanship.

Despite running the states for the past few decades, both parties have not improved the basics significantly. Rule of law has eroded. Corruption is rampant. Food, water, & shelter are still distant dreams for a vast majority of people. Quality & affordable education and healthcare is beyond the reach of many. Sycophancy has suppressed meritocracy in politics & bureaucracy, which has led to the further mismanagement of the state affairs.

Still worse, the culture of freebies & subsidies has perhaps become deeply ingrained among the public. The politicians are bound to play to the gallery in the upcoming elections.

Will the masses grab the freebies or ask hard questions?