World Water Day passed by yesterday. I wrote about our situation here

This was a good occasion for our elected representatives to ponder & act. What did they do?

PM Modi sent out a few banal tweets and said nothing of practical interest.

Ms. Uma Bharati, our Central Minister for Water Resources, is busy planting trees along the Ganges, with no clear plan to tackle the national water crisis.


The central government typically claims its helpless as water is a state subject. So, what are the states saying about water on the occasion? Nothing much.

Andhra Pradesh, one of the most water-stressed states, witnessed a war of words between the ruling & opposition parties in the legislative assembly yesterday. But no concrete plan to provide drinking water to the masses came from either CM Chandrababu Naidu or Mr. Maheswara Rao, the Minister for water resources. Delhi, another water-stressed city, witnessed no meaningful pronouncements from either CM Arvind Kejriwal or Water Minister Kapil Misra. Another war of words is playing out between Delhi & Haryana over water sharing, with no efforts to look for long term solutions to benefit both sides. The supreme court recently rebuked the Delhi water minister for his inability to solve the problem at a government-to-government level. I suspect yesterday was no different in all the other states and ‘Water Day’ was just another day.

Nothing short of a national water vision and centrally executed policy will solve our drinking water crisis. We need experts & capable men running this.

If our Water Ministers cannot promise and deliver reliable & quality water supply to all homes within a reasonable period, they need to be replaced.