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The Great Magician is in town. The town is abuzz. Everyone is talking about the great things the magician has done in far away towns.

Many wizards have performed in the town hall before. The grownups remember the excitement of their younger days when a new magician came to town. The magicians were accompanied by a performing troupe for side-acts & fillers, which were either distracting or interesting on their own merit. But the truly talented magicians always stood apart. Many were specialists in arts like voodoo, spell casting, illusion, alchemy, chaos magic, demonic magic, tech magic, necromancy and other arcane disciplines. None of them failed the audience, who got the entertainment they paid for.


This Great Magician is casting a different spell. Glowing reports of his audacious exploits & stunning performances in far away places are threatening to overshadow his stint in the town. His troupe has artists with their own promising side-shows. Past magicians, fallen from glory, decry the adulation heaped on the Great Magician. They are quick to point out the Great Magician is yet to prove his greatness. The show has just started and it’s too early to judge. After all, many promising magicians have proven to be duds.

But the whiff of positive sentiments in the air cannot be denied. The Great Magician has proven his skill at stirring up hopes & passions. He seems to have lined up an interesting itinerary with promising side-acts by his troupe members.

However, the proof is in the pudding. Let the Magician work his magic before we judge his greatness.