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S.Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President and the second President of India, was perhaps the closest we have had to a philosopher king in recent times (as per Plato’s idea that only philosophers should rule the state).

He made the following observation which rings true even now.


In our own country, we said that thinkers must be actors

Atma rati atma krida kriyavan

esa brahamavidam varisthah.

He must be a kriyavan, a performer of works. Similarly, it is said :

Viveki sarvada muktah kurvato nasti kartrta

alepavadam asritya srikrsma Janakau yatha

Even srikrsna and janaka were men not only of philosophical wisdom, but also of practical efficiency. We should also behave in the same way.



What’s the Great Indian Malaise?

It is that we have more thinkers than actors.

We have more ideas & complaints, less initiative.

We have more arguments, debates & regrets, less action.

We need more doers.