Modi: I want to demonetize

Modi in the mirror: What? Are you sure?

M: Yes

MM: There will be chaos

M: So what. People will bear the short-term inconvenience

MM: Why not go after the big rats instead?

M: That will be suicidal. I have to hit at them indirectly.

MM: Shrewd of you. But there may be a revolt in your party. Your supporters may abandon you.

M: I don’t need them now so much as they need me. I have grown out of that.

MM: Are you sure?

M: Yes, this is my big and perhaps last chance to make a difference. Another term is not a sure bet yet.

MM: Is this what you have been gunning for all your life?

M: My thinking has evolved. I want to rise above lowly political ends.

MM: But you are a politician

M: I am getting old. I have to think about my legacy.

MM: You want to be the next Mahatma?

M: Why not?

MM: Hmm…

M: Too many leaders have been forgotten in the gutters of history.

MM: Demonetization requires sheer guts.

M: I got it in tons.


MM: Ok, so what next? Building roads, feeding the millions, eradicating poverty…

M: Too small for me…my team will handle those. I wanna do the real big stuff.

MM: Wow, like what?

M: I want to see India become a first world country in the next 20 years.

MM: But you may not be around.

M: Gandhi wasn’t around to see India grow & bloom.

MM: So, you wanna sow the seeds?

M: You can say that.

MM: Opposition will scream. Your own party may attack you. People may lose patience.

M: I will show them the grand vision. They will come around. I got some runway and I intend to use it.

MM: You are a changed man

M: India needs some strong medicine. And I am going to administer that. I am tired of going too slow. We will continue to play catch-up if we don’t bite the bullet.

MM: You really want your legacy.

M: I am not a small town politician anymore. I don’t want to be known for my past foibles.

MM: How are you sure what you do will be right & good for the people?

M: I know whats good for the people. They are too poor, busy or incapable to think through what’s good for themselves. Some opposition is par for the course.

MM: Are you overstepping democracy?

M: If something doesn’t work, it has to be corrected.

MM: Democracy doesn’t work?

M: I didn’t say that

MM: But what you want to do is undemocratic. You will bulldoze opposition & terrorize people.

M: I cannot satisfy everybody

MM: So you expect casualties?

M: I wanna wage a war.

MM: Are you prepared for bloodshed?

M: Yes, if that’s what India needs to leapfrog.

MM: Have you heard the word ‘megalomaniac’?

M: Have you heard of ‘Kurukshetra’?

MM: Is that how you think of it?

M: Why not?

MM: Ok, I give up. You seem to have thought through it.

M: You have no choice.

MM: I guess so, at least in the short-term.

M: That time is sufficient for me.

MM: To perform your magic?

M: Yes.

MM: Hmm…

M: What do you say to that?

MM: Well, remember I am only MM – Modi in the mirror…not Minister Mentor.

M: So long. I got work to do.

MM: Good luck. God save the people.