A short commentary on corruption in the recent Supreme Court verdict on the Jayalalithaa case makes for interesting reading.

The verdict ends as follows.

Such is the militant dominance of this sprawling evil, that majority of the sensible, rational and discreet constituents of the society imbued with moral values and groomed with disciplinal ethos find themselves in minority, besides estranged and resigned by practical compulsions and are left dejected and disillusioned. A collective, committed and courageous turnaround is thus the present day imperative to free the civil order from the suffocative throttle of this deadly affliction.

Every citizen has to be a partner in this sacrosanct mission, if we aspire for a stable, just and ideal social order as envisioned by our forefathers and fondly cherished by the numerous self-effacing crusaders of a free and independent Bharat, pledging their countless sacrifices and selfless commitments for such cause.


The courts took over 20 years to decide this case. Given the poorly equipped state of the judiciary, important verdicts like this may not come faster.

Crime, corruption & other evils are rampant and rising. The elected politicians show no urgency to change the situation. The bureaucracy is unreliable. The courts are slow.

What can the common man do?

If he is apathetic, as most of us are, the situation will worsen.

If he is spirited, he should (& will) wage a war. A personal war against the evils he sees around him, with available tools & means. It may or may not be a big fight. It may or may not be fought alone. It may or may not succeed.

But such a personal war will certainly make a small difference.

A million such personal wars will bring about a big change.

A change most of us want, but few are willing to fight for.

Supreme Court Verdict